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Marbelite swimming pool can be refurbished in Mosaic Glass tiles.


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Waxman tiles details word Waxman Tiles Anti-Slip Ratings (DIN51097 = C)  (DIN51130 = R10) 
Waxman Chromatic 
LA-91 Silver - PLM-2002 Harlequin - PLM-2008 Azurite - PLM-2010 Lagoon - PLM-2011-1 Glitter
PLM-2012 Purple Haze - Coral - CR-61 Coral Arctic White - CR-62 Coral Parchment - CR-63 Coral Aqua - CR-64 Coral Sahara

Waxman Crystalline 
WX8-501/11 Aqua Mix - WX8-502/11 Azure Mix - WX8-503/11 Cloud Mix - WX8-504/11 Ocean Mix
WX8-01/44 Light Grey - WX8-03/44 Dim Grey - WX8-62/44 Ocean Blue - WX8-64/44 Azure Blue
WX8-70/44 Aqua - WX8-72/44 Sea Green - WX8-99/44 Crystal White - WX8-01/210 Light Grey
WX8-03/210 Dim Grey - WX8-62/210 Ocean Blue - WX8-64/210 Azure Blue - WX8-70/210 Aqua
WX8-72/210 Sea Green - WX8-99/210 Crystal White
Waxman Glass tile - 25x25mm 
 Mirror Mosaic -  All Blacks -  Polar White -  Arctic White -  Jade -  Morning Dew -  Mediterranean
 Flame -  Fountain Blend -  Plunge Blend -  Forest Blend -  Mountain Mist
Waxman Glasstile - 50x50mm 
 Arctic White -  Seaspray -  Lemon Grass -  Aquamarine
Waxman Harmonie 
AF Codes  - AF-1 Floride - AF-2 Cipango - AF-3 Flores - AF-4 Scilly - AF-5 Orcade
AG Codes - Series 1 Colours 
AG-1 Muguet - AG-2 Pierre - AG-3 Lotus - AG-4 Mouette - AG-5 Egee - AG-20 Gravier - AG-24 Ivraie - AG-36 Schiste
AG Codes - Series 2 Colours 
AG-6 Cariabes - AG-13 Camel - AG-16 Tuile - AG-17 Californie - AG-18 Lavande - AG-21 Clairiere - AG-34 Aster  AG-35 Coriandre - AG-71 Camelia - AG-75 Bahamas
AG Codes - Series 3 Colours 
AG-10 Genet - AG-22 Pollen - AG-31 Buis
AG-32 Galapagos - AG-33 Danube - AG-37 Fuschia - AG-70 Zinnia - AG-72 Noisetier
 AG Codes - Series 4 Colours 
AG-11 Prunelle - AG-23 Pivoine - AG-30 Quetsche
Waxman Harmonie - Anti-Slip 
AF-1/AD Floride Anti-Slip - AF-2/AD Cipagno Anti-Slip  - AF-3/AD Flores Anti-Slip -AF-4/AD Scilly Anti-Slip
AF-5/AD Orcade Anti-Slip - AG-1/AD Muget Anti-Slip - AG-2/AD Pierre Anti-Slip - AG-3/AD Lotus Anti-Slip
AG-20/AD Gravier Anti-Slip - AG-24/AD Ivraie Anti-Slip  - AG-17/AD Californie Anti-Slip - AG-18/AD Lavande Anti-Slip - AG-34/AD Aster Anti-Slip - AG-32/AD Galapagos Anti-Slip - AG-33/AD Danube Anti-Slip - AG-11/AD Prunelle Anti-Slip
Waxman Anti-Slip Ratings (DIN51097 = C)  (DIN51130 = R12) 
Harmonie - Metallic - Honeycomb - B-3100 Gloss White -B-3140 Matt White -M-3451 Sapphire - SM-3875 Pastel Mix - M-3890 Matt Black Ice - SW-310 Everest - SW-311 Snowdon - SW-312 Mont Blanc -  SW-350 Frost - SW-351 Glacier - SW-352 Icicle
Waxman Iridis 
 Iridis Jazmin -  Iridis Lunaria -  Iridis Lila -  Iridis Magnolia -  Iridis Narcisco -  Iridis Jacinto -  Iridis Jacaranda -
 Iridis Verbena
 Waxman Jewel 
GL-010 Opal - GL-029 Emerald - GL-035 Amethyst - GL-044 Gomeda - GL-046 Agate - GL-061 Sapphire
Waxman Landscape 
Mix-1 Forest - Mix-3 Moorland - Mix-4 Meadow - Mix-5 Sky - Mix-6 Rockface - Mix-8 Waterfall - Mix-7 Desert
Waxman Lugano 
KB-063 Ghiaccio -  B-091 Lava - KB-121 Cobalto - KB-122 Blu Oceano - KB-125 Blu Cielo - KB-630 Turchese
KB-810 Blu Elettrico - KB-812 Azzurro Ghiaccio  - KB-814 Grigio Salvia - KB-818 Moscato -
Waxman Lustre Pearl 
MNA-04 Pearl Agua - MNA-10 Pearl White - MEC-45 Lustre Black - MNC-45 Pearl Black - MNC-61 Pearl Blue
Waxman Mazurka 
AL-1 Craie - AL-2 Chaux - AL-3 Albatre - AL-4 Calcedoine - AL-8 Silex - AL-20 Mastic - AL-38 Bentonite
AL-12 Quartz - AL-14 Jaspe - AL-16 Fabulite - AL-24 Malachite - AL-27 Amethyste - AL-35 Porthyre - AL-36 Lave - AL-40 Sodalite - AL-41 Emeraude - AL-42 Holite - AL-5 Galene - AL-6 Saphir - AL-7 Topaze - AL-11 Onyx - AL-18 Lazuli - AL-19 Corail - AL-22 Pepite - AL-23 Rubis - AL-25 Turquoise - AL-31 Resine - AL-33 Azurite - AL-34 Cobalt - AL-37 Minium - Anti-Slip Ratings (DIN51097 = C)  (DIN51130 = R10) 
Waxman  Modular 12 
MOD-125 Pearl Mix - MOD-126 Abalone Mix - MOD-225 Piscis Pearl - MOD-330 Catene Silver – MOD 503 Flower Aqua - Panel 101 x 169cm
Waxman Module 
SM-4895 Coal Face - B-4140  Snow Drift - M-4118 Hazy Days - SM-4410 Summer Sky - Mosaic Borders  -
MB-3101 Tivoli Border - MB-3103 Ciampino Border - MB-3104 Panthean Border - MB-3119 Trevi Border
MB-3148 Colosseum Border - NSB-141 Luzon Border - NSB-131 Samar Border - NSB-142 Panay Border - NSB-221 Leyte Border - NSB-222 Mindoro Border - MB-632 San Remo Mosaic Border - MB-641 Pompei Border
Waxman Niebla 
PS25 White - PS50 Foggy Light Blue - PS53 Foggy Mid Blue - PS55 Foggy Dark Blue - PS57 Foggy Aqua
PS60 Foggy Deep Blue - PS61 Foggy Sapphire
Waxman Giava
PS-95 San Sebastian - PS150 Oria Mix - PS153 Urumea Mix - PS155 Urola Mix -
PS50-AS Foggy Light Blue - Anti-Slip - PS53-AS Foggy Mid Blue - Anti-Slip - PS55-AS Foggy Dark Blue - Anti-Slip - NT-10 Natura Carpatos
Anti-Slip Ratings (DIN51097 = C)
Waxman Patina 
B-6140 Chantilly -B-6100 Gloss White - SD-6240 Pastel Blue - B-6116 Cream - BT-6340 Mint  - BT-6420 Powder Blue  - M-6451 Sapphire - M-6444 Baltic Blue
Waxman Planets 
MGT-12 Earth - MGT-14 Jupiter  - MGT-19 Neptune - MGT-189 Saturn - MGT-193 Venus - MGT-857 Pluto
Anti-Slip Ratings (DIN51097 = C) (DIN51130 = R13) (SRV Values - Dry=71  Wet=66) 
Waxman Rustica 
MK-2 Crystal Brown - MK-3 Crystal Green - MK-5 Crystal Blue - MK-100 Moorland Green - MK-103 Ivory  - MK-105 Midnight Blue - MK-107 Turquoise - MK-161 Sand - MK-162 Coral - MK-175 Frost White

Waxman Smart 
B-8100 Glacier - B-8112 Buttermilk - B-8888 Quicksilver - B-8890 Midnight Black - B-8895 Gunmetal Grey
Waxman Tulip 
MIC-06 Tulip Black - MIC-04 Tulip Blue - MIC-30 Tulip White - MIC-16 Tulip Toffee - MIC-02 Tulip Crystal
Unglazed - 2x2cm WK-121  White  - WK-126  Black 
Anti-Slip Ratings (DIN51097 = C) (DIN51130 = R10) 
Unglazed - 2.3x5cm 
WK-121 White (Brickbond) - WK-126 Black (Brickbond) - WK-120 Super White (Brickbond) - WK-125 Anthracite (Brickbond)
Anti-Slip Ratings (DIN51097 = C) (DIN51130 = R10) 
Unglazed - 5x5cm 
WK-100  Red  - WK-121  White  - WK-126  Black  - WK-123  Pale Grey  - WK-124  Grey  - WK-136  Ontario 
WK-120  Super White  - WK-125  Anthracite  - WK-132  Cognac  - WK-151  Pale Green  - WK-135  Linen  - WK-152  Green  - WK-142  Blue  -  Black / White Chequerboard
WK-126/AS White - Rice Grain Anti-Slip
Anti-Slip Ratings - Smooth Finish - (DIN51097 = C) (DIN51130 = R10) 
Anti-Slip Ratings - Rice Grain Finish - (DIN51097 = C) (DIN51130 = R12) 

Just a few of the blue swimming pool glass mosaics from the 1000's in stock in our warehouses
Decorative porcelain borders to embellish any swimming pool. Call our sales team today for advice, samples and down loads for the vary latest in Glass or ceramic swimming pool tiles. Tel 01342 824715 .                             Home Page

We supply several alternative swimming pol cover solutions. Automatic swimming pool hydraulic safety covers, solars covers and liquid covers (Heatsavr). We will always give you the correct advice for your pool and use industry experts who are qualified and insured to carry out the work.

ian@gbpools.co.uk 01342 824715 www.gbpools.co.uk

NB www.aquabuild.co.uk  has NO relation or connection to www.aquabuild.com in Felbridge east Grinstead. www.aquabuild.co.uk is a domain name redircted to another suppliers website.

GB Pools Paradise Pools GB Poolstore are all part of the GB Poolstore group. The Gb Poolstore group of web sites account for over 250 industry names and cover all aspects of the pool industry from Swimmingg pool safety to swiiming pool chemistry analysis. GB Poolstore are one of the UK's leading Marbelite refurbishers and specialise in Marbelite refurbishment. GB Poolstore also cover Coverstar , Aquatrac and many of the leading brans for servicing and repair. For further information please email us today.

Important Notice. Swimming pool dealers, Installers or Contractors all refurbish swimming pools. It is prudent to find out how much specialist knowledge they have for concrete swimming pools. It is not uncommon to have heard from a swimming pool contractor that the only way to refurbish a marbelite swimming pool is to install a liner. The swimming pool dealer only sold liners, and had no experience of concrete or Marbelite refurbishment. Swimming pool installers can also recommend fibre glassing the pool. This again be relevant in certain circumstances, however there are other routes that would be more applicable.