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Concrete Swimming pool refurbishment, tile band, skimmers, copings, tiles etc
Use a professional Adhesive Ardex
Tiles & grout falling out
Tiles should be laid correctly, no gaps

Remove tileband and any damaged areas behind.

Pool refurbishment covers
Tile band replacement
Coping replacement
Skimmer replacement
Marbelite refurbishment
Re tiling pool
Leak detection
Plant room upgrade
Skimmer  cleaned and tiled
Correctly rfurbished & tiled
Maintenance of the Swimming pool is a key for longevity.
when removing copings it is common place to find the top three - four inches of concrete are rotton. These need to be removed and replaced before copings are added.
It's so important to do the preparity work. Many do not and it will come back to bite you.

Pool refurbishment covers
Stone repaire
New pool surround
Telescopic Enclosures
New Solar Cover
New Winter Cover
Safety cover
Pool Maintenance

We supply several alternative swimming pol cover solutions. Automatic swimming pool hydraulic safety covers, solars covers and liquid covers (Heatsavr). We will always give you the correct advice for your pool and use industry experts who are qualified and insured to carry out the work.

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GB Pools Paradise Pools GB Poolstore are all part of the GB Poolstore group. The Gb Poolstore group of web sites account for over 250 industry names and cover all aspects of the pool industry from Swimmingg pool safety to swiiming pool chemistry analysis. GB Poolstore are one of the UK's leading Marbelite refurbishers and specialise in Marbelite refurbishment. GB Poolstore also cover Coverstar , Aquatrac and many of the leading brans for servicing and repair. For further information please email us today.

Important Notice. Swimming pool dealers, Installers or Contractors all refurbish swimming pools. It is prudent to find out how much specialist knowledge they have for concrete swimming pools. It is not uncommon to have heard from a swimming pool contractor that the only way to refurbish a marbelite swimming pool is to install a liner. The swimming pool dealer only sold liners, and had no experience of concrete or Marbelite refurbishment. Swimming pool installers can also recommend fibre glassing the pool. This again be relevant in certain circumstances, however there are other routes that would be more applicable.