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Why choose a heat pump? Simply because it's inexpensive - to buy - to run - to install.

Realistically, in this country, all swimming pools whether above or inground, need heating to obtain the maximum use from the summer season. Having a pool in your garden may be aesthetically pleasing to the eye but unless the pool feels warm and inviting, the pool will not be used to its full potential. By investing in a Heat Pump, this can change! Generally, the main heating systems available for swimming pools are Gas (LPG or Propane), Electric or Oil heaters. Some of these heaters can be beneficial from a cost point of view but tend to loose their appeal when it comes to installation costs. A heat pump does not generate heat, it simply captures it and moves it from air to water thus, providing ant efficient and environmentally friendly system for heating your swimming pool! The model of heat pump you choose is very much dependant on the size of your pool and your budget.

Heatstar all in one systems for dehumidification, swimming pool heating, swimming pool ventilation, heat recovery, air conditioning, climate control.

The Certikin Genie range of condensing gas pool heaters is one of the worlds only condensing pool heaters. Following the unprecedented success of the initial launch of the Genie boiler and acting on constructive feedback from the trade, the Genie now features a water to water heat exchanger with cupro nickel tubes. This means that even if you are struggling to maintain perfect water balance, the Genie is robust enough to cope. Still using condensing technology, the Genie range delivers up to a fantastic 94% efficiency compared to standard direct fired pool heaters which typically operate at between 60 to 80% efficiency.

We supply several alternative swimming pol cover solutions. Automatic swimming pool hydraulic safety covers, solars covers and liquid covers (Heatsavr). We will always give you the correct advice for your pool and use industry experts who are qualified and insured to carry out the work.

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GB Pools Paradise Pools GB Poolstore are all part of the GB Poolstore group. The Gb Poolstore group of web sites account for over 250 industry names and cover all aspects of the pool industry from Swimmingg pool safety to swiiming pool chemistry analysis. GB Poolstore are one of the UK's leading Marbelite refurbishers and specialise in Marbelite refurbishment. GB Poolstore also cover Coverstar , Aquatrac and many of the leading brans for servicing and repair. For further information please email us today.

Important Notice. Swimming pool dealers, Installers or Contractors all refurbish swimming pools. It is prudent to find out how much specialist knowledge they have for concrete swimming pools. It is not uncommon to have heard from a swimming pool contractor that the only way to refurbish a marbelite swimming pool is to install a liner. The swimming pool dealer only sold liners, and had no experience of concrete or Marbelite refurbishment. Swimming pool installers can also recommend fibre glassing the pool. This again be relevant in certain circumstances, however there are other routes that would be more applicable.