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What is Pacelite? 

Marble's back and it's looking better than ever - thanks to Pacelite.


Pacelite gives you all the enduring quality of beautiful, natural marble. Pacelite is a recognized & respected name in the swimming pool market where it was perhaps better known as Marbline or Marbelite. It’s a ready mixed applied product so it’s you who dictates the shape of your pool. Pacelite gives you unimagined flexibility; from paddling pool to skateboard surface the possibilities are endless. 

 Pacelite is easy to use and can be applied any time of year. Pacelite pools have a tactile slip resistant surface that look great and stay that way. You’ll still be using it thirty years or more from now.  Pacelite pools' popularity is growing spectacularly - here and abroad. No wonder, quality is high and the price won't drop you in at the deep end.

Azure Blue - Tuscany - Aquamarine - Jade - Desert Gold - Pearl White

Midnight Sky

Pacelite Training Video



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